How to Post to Usenet

NOTE: We recommend using our Newshosting Usenet Browser for all of your discussion group posting needs. Posting at Newshosting is restricted upon sign up. In order to post, you will need to request the ability from support via a quick email to

Usenet content is all user generated. This means that users like yourself post information of all kinds in various topic groups called newsgroups. See our page "How the Usenet is organized" for more information on what newsgroup types are available.

In general, the Usenet is broken into two camps – text or discussion groups and binary or file groups.

Getting involved in a discussion by posting to a text group is very easy. With most browsers it works very similar to an email. Simply find the "Post" button while browsing a discussion group and fill in the required information, such as "Subject" and "Message" and submit. The browser takes care of the rest! Once a discussion is going, simply hit "Reply" and your message will be placed in-line in the order that it is received. Most discussions are grouped by "threads" to make it easy for users to see the topic and who has responded to who and when.

To post a large file, such as a group of photos in a zip file or a video from your vacation, the method is not as straight forward. This is due to the fact that the Usenet uses a protocol called "NNTP", large files are generally too big for a single message, which is limited to only a small amount of data per post. In order to get around this limitation, large files are generally broken up into what is called "multipart" messages.

Many browsers and programs to do this are available for you to use when posting multipart messages. We recommend this excellent tutorial from "Newsgroup Reviews" on how to begin:
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